Thursday, November 10, 2011

Comics are here!!!

I just received my printed comic that I am selling at the CTN Animation Expo!


Ninjas VS the Moon is a comic I did when I was living in New York. It's a modern fairytale that exposes how and why the moon goes through its phases. It's been living on my computer for the last 6 years, and only a handful of people have ever read it. When I was working at PDI Dreamworks in Redwood City, my good pal Josh Lieberman convinced me to get it printed and share a table with him at the CTN Expo so I could get it out into the world. Check out Josh here:

If you come to the expo, make sure you swing by to say hi. I'll be here:


  1. Jeffff!!! Thats great!! I'm so happy you finally made your comic! Can't wait to see it talk soon!

  2. Great meeting you and Josh at the show. Good luck with Real FX. ☺/

  3. Missed the expo this year....
    Anyway of getting a copy by mail?

  4. I just posted instructions on how to get a copy on my blog! Thanks for asking!

  5. Thanks!
    Hope you have a great holiday.